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If there was no water in the world nobody would learn how to swim and then everybody would drown.

Don't you ever get tired of doing nothing Arthur?
- Yes Delbert, but when I do I sit down and take a rest.

King Bob's harem violated by false eunuch
One of the eunuchs guarding King Bob's harem in the Io royal palace turned out not to be a eunuch at... read more
King Bob of Io marries
His royal highness King Bob I of Io today married all 16 women on Io in a lavish ceremony. The women... read more

Baseless arrests on Europa
A requirement of the newly formed Europa Police Department is that they must arrest at least 10 peop... read more
Ice harvesters fall through ice on Enceladus
An ice harvesting team of 12 people are feared dead as their vehicle fell into a crack in the Encela... read more
Arthur, why are your eyes closed?
- Well Delbert, I was in the middle of a blink and I got bored.

Arthur talks to a guy in a bar
- Hey you look familiar, didnít I bump into you in Idaho once?
Maybe, but probably not because I've never been there.
Come to think of it I've never been to Idaho either, must have been two other people. But wait, have you ever been to Wyoming?
- No I haven't.
- Well then you might know my brother, he's never been to Wyoming either.

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