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Arthur's son Arthur Junior was late for school.
- What's your excuse Arthur? Asked his teacher.
- You're not gonna believe this but the bus broke down. So I got off the bus and saw a llama. I got on the llama and started riding toward the school. After a while the llama fell down dead, so I left the llama where he died and ran the rest of the way.
- That's the worst excuse I've ever heard, said the teacher, a llama of all things huh? One hour detention after shhool!
A few minutes later 15 kids came panting through the door.
- You guys are late too? Asked the teacher, what happened to you guys.
Delbert's son Delbert Junior said: - Our bus broke down, so we all grabbed a llama and rode, then suddenly the llamas all died and we all ran the rest of the way.
- Yeah right, one hour detention after school!
A few minutes later Douglas' son Douglas Junior showed up late.
- Sorry I'm late, you won't believe what happened, I got on the bus as usual and then...
- Let me guess, the teacher cut in, the bus broke down and...
- No no, said Douglas Junior, the bus was fine but the street was full of dead llamas so the bus couldn't pass.

Arthur!! Hurry up you're gonna be late for school!
- No no, I don't want to go, all the kids are so mean to me at school. They give me wedgies and flush my head in the toilet.
- Nonsense, it'll be fun once you get there.
- No no no, I don't want to, call them and tell them I'm sick please.
- No Arthur, you must go, you are the principal after all.

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They had just started building the new local high-school and the construction manager was checking around the construction site. He noticed a man working there he had never seen before, which of course was nothing new since they hired new workers all the time. The thing that was odd about this one was that the way he was dressed.
- Who's that new guy over there mixing concrete, asked the manager, and why on earth is he wearing a suit??
- Oh him, said the foreman, that's Arthur, he's one of the teachers. He was here for the corner-stone ceremony and when he found out how much construction workers get paid he decided to stay.

Pay attention students, if this chemistry experiment fails the whole building will blow up and fly to high heavens in a cloud of black smoke. Now gather around so you can all follow along.

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