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Arthur was seriously sleep deprived and went to see Doctor Rueprecht about it.
- Arthur, take two of these pills before bedtime tonight and you'll sleep like a baby, said Dr. Rueprecht.
Arthur took the pills at bedtime and did sleep like a baby. He woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. He arrived at work singing.
You look great Arthur, said his boss. But where have you been all week?.

So Arthur, you have any recommendations from previous employer?
- Yes sir, he recommended that I go find a new job.


Arthur, do you know what the difference between a horse's rear and a mailbox is?
- No Delbert I don't.
- Well, I'm sure as hell not sending you to mail any letters.

Boss! There's a man here, he says itís about a bill.
- Uhoh! Tell him I'm not here, tell him I'm sick today or something.
- Ok, boss.
A bit later.
- Is he gone?
Yes boss, he said donít worry, he'll come back and pay the bill next month instead.

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