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Jackie: Knock! Knock!

John: Who's there?

Jackie: Norman!

John: Norman who?

Jackie: This weather isn't fit for beast Norman! Let me in quick!.

Sean: Knock! Knock!

Dean: Who's there?

Sean: Butter Bee!

Dean: Butter Bee who?

Sean: This Butter Bee the right address or else I'm lost again!.

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Gus: Knock! Knock!

Russ: Who's there?

Gus: Linda

Russ: Linda who?

Gus: Can you Linda me five bucks? I'll pay you back Tuesday!.

David: ''Knock! Knock!''

Tim: ''Who's there?''

David: ''Aardvark!''

Tim: ''Aardvark who?''

David: ''It's Aardvark thinking up new Knock! Knock! Jokes!''

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David: ''Knock! Knock!''

Tim: ''Who's there?''

David: ''Onion Dicey!''

Tim: ''Onion Dicey who?''

David: ''Onion Dicey is where the Little Mermaid live!''.

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