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Arthur Junior was playing with his set of trains in the living room.
Choo choo, he said, we are now arriving at Delbertville Central Station. All you %$#$%% ^%&%$# who are getting off here get the #@$# off this train so we can get to Rueprecht City on time.
Arthur's mom came rushing in from the kitchen. ARTHUR! WE DON'T USE WORDS LIKE THAT IN THIS HOUSE! Wash your mouth with soap and go up to your room for one hour.
After the one hour sentence was up Arthur Junior came back downstairs and started playing again.
-Choo choo all aboard, he said. we would like to welcome all passengers to the Rueprecht City Express, we hope you will al have a wonderful journey with us today. If anyone is unhappy with the one hour delay please take it up with the fat bitch in the kitchen.

Arthur's son Arthur Junior was late for school.
- What's your excuse Arthur? Asked his teacher.
- You're not gonna believe this but the bus broke down. So I got off the bus and saw a llama. I got on the llama and started riding toward the school. After a while the llama fell down dead, so I left the llama where he died and ran the rest of the way.
- That's the worst excuse I've ever heard, said the teacher, a llama of all things huh? One hour detention after shhool!
A few minutes later 15 kids came panting through the door.
- You guys are late too? Asked the teacher, what happened to you guys.
Delbert's son Delbert Junior said: - Our bus broke down, so we all grabbed a llama and rode, then suddenly the llamas all died and we all ran the rest of the way.
- Yeah right, one hour detention after school!
A few minutes later Douglas' son Douglas Junior showed up late.
- Sorry I'm late, you won't believe what happened, I got on the bus as usual and then...
- Let me guess, the teacher cut in, the bus broke down and...
- No no, said Douglas Junior, the bus was fine but the street was full of dead llamas so the bus couldn't pass.

Soviets announce new psychos only policy for Mars
Life on Mars is very dangerous, and it is very common for people to stop functioning psychologically... read more
Moon hotel named after impossible position
The moon hotel opened by Moon Pimp 3 years ago has been officially renamed ''Hotel Skull Crusher''. ... read more

Moon Pimp first space millionaire
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First Americans land on Mars
After being beat to Mars by several Soviet crews, the Americans today finally made a successful land... read more
My dad built the Rocky Mountains!
Yeah, well, my dad killed the dead sea.

At the zoo:
- Look mommy, that gorilla looks just like grandma.
- Honey, we don't say mean things like that, you'd hurt her feelings.
- Sorry mommy, I didn't realize the gorilla would understand what I was saying.

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