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Arthur and Delbert were walking through the woods on a dark night and got to a creek.
- How do we cross Delbert?
- Simple Arthur, I turn on my flashlight and you walk on the light beam to the other side.
- You think I'm stupid or something? When I'm halfway you'll turn off your flashlight so I fall in.

Arthur and Delbert were watching a movie.
- Hey, I bet you 10 bucks the hero kills all the bad guys and gets the girl.
- You're on, said Delbert.
The hero killed all the bad guys and got the girl in the end so Delbert owed Arthur 10 bucks.
- Naah, man, keep the money, I feel bad. I've seen the movie before so I knew how it would end.
- Yeah I've seen it too but I didn't think it would end the same way twice.

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The small plane was going down with Arthur, Delbert and Douglas who was the pilot.
-Oh oh this is bad, said Douglas, we only have 2 parachutes .
Arthur quickly grabbed a parachute and jumped out.
Oh well, said Delbert. I guess the pilot has to go down with his plane, sorry buddy I'm gonna have to take the last chute, nice knowing you.
- Don't worry, said Douglas, Arthur took my backpack.

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