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One windy summer afternoon down on the beach a healthy young lady is wearing her brand new bikini.... She is enjoying herself splashing and frolicking in the choppy waters when a rather large wave tears off her top and carries it away.... To cover up her embarrassing situation she crosses her arms in front of her rather ample chest. She is too shy to leave the water.....
Little Billy is strolling down the beach when he sees her in the water and calls out....
''HEY Lady!! Please don't drown those puppies! I'll take home the one with the pink nose!''.

It's late on a Friday afternoon... A man in a hurry walks into a drugstore... He says to the pharmacist on duty...
''Give me a case of condoms... A dozen dozen... 12 boxes of 12 each!''

The pharmacist makes the sales request and the man rushes out....
It's early the next Monday morning and the same man, obviously perturbed, is there as he opens the drugstore for business.
''May I help you Sir?'' asks the pharmacist.

''That case of condoms you sold me Friday had only 142! It was missing two!'' declares the man.
The pharmacist thinks a moment and says....
''Sorry to have ruined your weekend there, Old Sport!''.

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