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Bella: ''How much does it cost to be cremated?''

Luigi: ''Depends on how much you urn!''.

Leon: ''I heard Dave got into a terrible car wreck rushing to the hospital to see his pregnant wife who gone into labor. ''

Noel: ''Did he make it?''

Leon: ''He was pronounced Dad On Arrival!''.

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One day the wise old Farmer's horse ran away. All the neighbors said, ''How terrible!''
The Farmer said,''Maybe. ''

The next day the horse returned bringing along seven other horses. All the neighbors said, ''How fortunate!''
The Farmer said, ''Maybe. ''

The next day the Farmer's son was trying to tame one of the new horse and was thrown and broke his leg. All the neighbors said, ''How terrible!''
The Farmer said, ''Maybe. ''

The next day the Army came through the village gathering conscripts for the war. The Farmer's son wasn't taken because his broken leg. All the neighbors said,''How fortunate!''
The Farmer said, ''Maybe. ''

The next day the Army just barely failed by the effort of one soldier to protect it's country's border and was invaded. All the neighbors said nothing because they all had been slaughtered.
The Farmer said nothing because he was dead too!.

Carl: ''Why is life like a bowling ball?''

Sigmund: ''Because the both have no point!''.

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