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Moon honeymoon tourism is booming
The moon has given a whole new meaning to the term Honeymoon. A record number of newlyweds chose the...
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Man walks 24 km on sunny side of Mercury
Daredevil Julio Axolotlos collapsed today after walking 24 kilometers on the sunny side out of the n...
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  I am an escaped alien being. I've been imprisoned at area 51 since 1947. They did tests on me, stuck me with needles, took my green blood. It was hell!!! I'm now sitting in a diner in Mesa Arizona. The coffee sucks, I think their filters are older than I am.
I'm wearing an energy mask that makes me look like a 15-year-old girl. I stole that from area 51. I'm telling people I'm a runaway from Texas. I must say this planet is stranger than I recall. This 'Justin Bieber' is especially odd.
On my planet Justin is a male's name. Odd indeed.
Submitted by Pantherpower001
    Categories: alien, diner

A crack is forming in one of the domes in the underwater base luckily that dome is meant for friendly salt water aliens.
Submitted by Lasergunjoe
       Category: aliens

I escaped my cell in the secret military base and found that it is underwater.
Submitted by Lasergunjoe
       Categories: military, military_base

I escaped area 5002 I had to put my ship back together because the scientist took it apart because they didn't understand how it ran because they couldn't find the spaceship engine because it is microscopic.
Naruemonia mutineers headed for Haumea
Space police say the hijacked spaceship Naruemonia is most likely headed for Haumea. A recent course...
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Mutiny on the Naruemonia
Just two days into its maiden voyage a mutiny has taken place on the Naruemonia. It appears the pass...
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