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James: ''What do cows do on their day off?''

Earl: ''Meat Loaf!''


Paul: ''What does the Rancher use to count his herd?''

Harvey: ''A COW-culator!''


Paul: ''When all other medicines fail, what's the best thing to use on a cow?''

Harvey: ''Bar-B-Que Sauce!''


Paul: ''Why didn't the cattle obey the Rancher when he yelled and screamed at them to all group together?''

Harvey: ''I don't think they herd!''.

Stan: ''Knock! Knock!''

Dan: ''Who's there?''

Stan: ''Howie!''

Dan: ''Howie who?''

Stan: ''Howie we doing so far?''.


Tex: ''I'm scared of that hen!''

Rex: ''Chicken!''


Tex: ''I fear that group of cattle!''

Rex: ''Cow Herd!''


Tex: ''I dropped on the floor two of the eggs from the dozen I'm supposed to cook in the skillet!''

Rex: ''How Fry Ten-ing!''


Tex: ''Looks like your lasso rope is getting all worn out!''

Rex: ''I was a frayed of that!''.

Washington State Trooper Norton was on patrol and he came upon a wrecked motor home that had ran off the highway......

''How did you manage to run off the road?'' asked Trooper Norton to the Driver.

''Well there must be something wrong with the cruise control,'' replied the Driver,''You see, I turned it on and then I went into the back of the R. V. To make supper and well, about ten minutes later, the next thing I know is that we crashed!''

''Good gosh sir! The cruise control just maintains the correct speed! It doesn't steer the vehicle!'' said an amazed Trooper Norton.

''That not quite true,'' said the Driver defensively, ''Because it worked fine twice earlier today when I cooked breakfast and lunch!''.

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