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Karen: Why was the baby cookie crying?

Sharon: Because it's mother was a wafer home!.

John: Where do Cowboys change their clothes??

Wayne: In the Ranch Dressing room!!.


Laverne: How did your romantic evening with Ladd go last night?

Shirley: He was more like McDonald's than Burger King.

Laverne: How so?

Shirley: Oh, you know. I wanted a Whopper but instead he was a Quarter Pounder!.

After a long night of drinking with his friends at the local tavern Dave began to stagger homeward. He finally arrived at the front door of his house and went inside and passed out in his bed. He was very restless in bed was plagued by very strange dreams. He awoke to bright sunshine in his eyes, a dry mouth and pounding hangover headache. He looked at his watch and realized he was going to late for work. He was up like a shot, got dressed and ran out the house to his job. He clocked in to his job with seconds to spare. His boss stopped him a the door and said, ''I glad you made to work on time Dave. But why are you dressed like a cowboy?''.

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