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Jim: ''Why was the mushroom always invited to the party?''

Alec: ''Because he was a fungi!'' (fun guy).

David: ''Knock! Knock!''

Tim: ''Who's there?''

David: ''Aardvark!''

Tim: ''Aardvark who?''

David: ''It's Aardvark thinking up new Knock! Knock! Jokes!''


David: ''Knock! Knock!''

Tim: ''Who's there?''

David: ''Onion Dicey!''

Tim: ''Onion Dicey who?''

David: ''Onion Dicey is where the Little Mermaid live!''.


Aaron: ''Knock! Knock!''

Jim: ''Who's there?''

Aaron: ''Mustard!''

Jim: ''Mustard Who?''

Aaron: ''You Mustard me go knock! Knock! Because the doorbell don't work!''.

Down at Shady Acres Rest Home the residents were all widows, save for one old man named Fred. Old Shirley was feeling frisky so she dolled herself up and approached Old Fred.

''Say Fred,'' asked Shirley, ''Would you like some super sex?''

''Soup!'' answers Old Fred.

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