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Matlock: The Bloodhounds could not pick up a trail at the murder scene.

Lieutenant Colombo: It appears to be just another scentless killing...

Way up North in the wilds of Alaska were two trappers Joe and Willy. Their cabins were about 30 miles apart in the frozen wilderness. On New Year's Eve Joe called Willy on the two-way radio......

''Hey Willy, Come on over tonight for a party.. ''

''Hey Joe that sound good, whatcha you gonna have at your party?''

''Well Willy.. Were gonna have music, then dancing, then drinking, then fighting, and then wild sex!''

''Sounds good to me Joe! Who are you gonna invite?''

''Just you Partner, Just you.........''.


What's the difference between a tornado and a divorce down South??

Nothing... Somebody's gonna lose a trailer....

A termite walks into a bar and says....
''Where is the bar tender?''.

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