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A teacher of Eastern Meditation died unexpectedly and an autopsy was preformed at the County Morgue. The Medical Examiner said to his assistant,''This particular internal organ appears to have wasted away. It should be heavier. Place it on the scale please. ''
The assistant did as directed and then Medical Examiner asked him for the results.
''You are correct Doctor!,''replied the assistant,''Weight down on the Swami's liver!''.

Officer Reed: ''I heard that the crook nabbed today broke out of his handcuffs and then you had to cuff with your back up pair?''

Officer Malloy: ''Yeah that's right. I charged him with re-wristing arrest!''.


Tourist: ''What building in your city has the most stories?''

Tour Guide: ''That would be the Library!''.

Lewis: ''Did you cut down the tree?''

Clark: ''Why do you AX?''

Lewis: ''Because I SAW you!''.

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