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The Same Lame Name Game................


Tim: ''Who's going to buy the next round of beers?''

Tom: ''Bruce!''


Tim: ''Who has the explosive temper?''

Tom: ''Dinah might!''


Tim: ''Who was arrested for arson?''

Tom: ''Bernie!''


Tim: ''Who owns that gas station?''

Tom: ''That would be Michelle!''


Tim: ''Who wrote that book?''

Tom: ''Arthur!''


Tim: ''Who's that rich and classy dude?''

Tom: ''Tony!''


Tim: ''Who is the smallest guy you ever met?''

Tom: ''Adam!''


Tim: ''Who won the race?''

Tom: ''Victor?''


Tim: ''Who's the guy with all that exercise equipment in his room?''

Tom: ''Jim!''.

The Lame Name Game......

Tim: ''Who's that hiding in the bushes?''

Tom: ''Russell!''


Tim: ''Who helped you with your flat tire?''

Tom: ''Jack!''


Tim ''I'm out of gas, is anyone going to help me?''

Tom: ''Jerry Can!''


Tim: ''Who work's at the gas station?''

Tom: ''Phil!''


Tim: ''Who do I pay?''

Tom: ''Bill!''


Tim: ''Who's that hanging around the painter's studio?''

Tom: ''Art!''


Tim: ''Who's in the bathroom?''

Tom: ''John!''


Tim: ''Who's first up in the morning?''

Tom: ''Don!''


Tim: ''Who'll say the blessing for supper?''

Tom: ''Grace!''


Tim: ''Who'll water the garden?''

Tom: ''Jose!''


Tim: ''Who''ll turn on the faucet?''

Tom: ''Flo!''


Tim: ''Who puts away the chickens every night?''

Tom ''Cooper!''


Tim: ''Who works at the casino?''

Tom: ''Bette!''



Peter: ''Who own's that stray giant duck?''

Paul: ''That's anyone's goose!''


Peter: ''Did Donald Duck die of natural causes?''

Paul: ''The Police suspect fowl play!''


Peter: ''How's your new job at the pillow factory?''

Paul: ''It's a really getting me down!''.

Son: ''Dad, I've decided that I'm going to quit school and become a chimney sweep!''

Dad: ''Soot yourself then!''


Son: ''What's Smokey the Bear's middle name?''

Dad: ''The!''.

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