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Tex: ''I'm scared of that hen!''

Rex: ''Chicken!''


Tex: ''I fear that group of cattle!''

Rex: ''Cow Herd!''


Tex: ''I dropped on the floor two of the eggs from the dozen I'm supposed to cook in the skillet!''

Rex: ''How Fry Ten-ing!''


Tex: ''Looks like your lasso rope is getting all worn out!''

Rex: ''I was a frayed of that!''.

Peter: ''Holy Cow! The entire Universe just disappeared!!''

GOD: ''No matter!''


Peter: ''Where did the Universe come from???''

GOD: ''I got a really good deal from the previous owner!''.


Heath: ''I think the copy machine is possessed by Satan!''

Miro: ''What makes you think that?''

Heath: ''Because all it does is make 'Prints of Darkness'!!''.

Sailor Bill: ''There's a tsunami headed for the ship!!''

Cap'n Bob: ''That's just swell. ''


Sailor Bill: ''The dinghy come untied and is drifting away!''

Cap'n Bob: ''Knot your fault!''


Sailor Bill: ''I heard Cap'n Zed got busted by the Coast Guard for driving his ship while drunk!''

Cap'n: ''He should have left the Port when he left the Port!''.

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