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Orville: I think my old pair of shoes need to be resoled...

Wilbur: Well, you know what they say.. ''Time wounds all heels....''.

Adolph: ''Did you enjoy that new foreign film about the WW 2 German U-Boats?''

Heinrich: ''Not really, It was all in SUB-titles!''.


Astronomer #1: ''Your prediction that a giant orb made of sausage traveling through space will hit the Earth and destroy it will occur tonight!''

Astronomer #2: ''It seems my wurst sphere has come true.....''.

Donald: ''Did I ever tell you the joke about the group of cattle?''

Ronald: ''I've herd that one before!''


Donald: ''What do you call 'Ladies of the Night' who have sore throats?''

Ronald: ''Hoarse!''


Ronald: ''What kind of hammer killed the frog?''

Donald: ''A Croquet Mallet!''


Ronald: ''Who was the first U. S. President to get an earring?

Donald: ''Franklin Pierced!''


Ronald: ''What do you call diced up Pig Meat?''

Donald: ''Oh, I know! You call it HAM-burger!''

Ronald: ''No, you call it Ground Pork!''


Ronald: ''Would you like some shredded cheese on your taco?''

Donald: ''That would be grate!''


Ronald: ''Were you pleased with the quality of your new suit the tailor made for you?''

Donald: ''It was just a sew sew job!''.

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