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Sailor Bill: ''There's a tsunami headed for the ship!!''

Cap'n Bob: ''That's just swell. ''


Sailor Bill: ''The dinghy come untied and is drifting away!''

Cap'n Bob: ''Knot your fault!''


Sailor Bill: ''I heard Cap'n Zed got busted by the Coast Guard for driving his ship while drunk!''

Cap'n: ''He should have left the Port when he left the Port!''.

Farmer Phil: ''How well did you do growing just one type of grain last season?''

Farmer Frank: ''Barley made it!''.


Zeb: ''Where's the best place for o look for a lost dirt farmer?''

Job: ''Beets me!''

Zeb: ''They usually turnip in a field!''


Zeb: ''What happened to the shepherd who was trampled by his flock?''

Jeb: ''They herded his feelings!''.

Zebulon: ''What did Daddy Buffalo say to his boy when he left for school?''

Jebediah: ''Bison!''


Zebulon: ''Hey Jeb! It snowed really hard last night. Your twin bison are outside covered with snow. You know what you gotta do now, don't you?''

Jebediah: ''Oh I know, Let me guess..... Shovel off two buffalo!''.

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