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Jim: ''Who knows why you didn't hit that big oak tree when you ran your car off the road!''

Tim: ''Just another mystery!'' (missed-tree).

Tim: How did the ESP expert order his steak cooked?

Jim: Medium!

Tim: I knew you were going to say that!


Jim: Did you here that a short ESP expert escaped from prison?

Tim: Yes I did... Small Medium at Large!


Jim: How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?

Tim: Just one, however the light bulb itself must want to change too!.


Ishmael: What kind of wheels did Moby Dick have on his car?

Ahab: White Whale Tires!!.

Wendy: ''What are you doing with your goldfish since it died?''

Jana: ''Frying Pet Carp!''


Wendy: ''This fish were eating for lunch tastes awful!''

Jana: ''Stop your carping!''


Wendy: ''Wow! Thats amazing your pet Koi can leaped out the water such great distances!!''

Jana: ''Flying Pet Carp!''


Wendy: ''The first settlers of the La Brea area of Los Angeles built a cook shed over the hot bubbling ooze and would heat their food on the floor. ''

Jana: '' So, it had a wall to wall frying tar pit!''


Wendy: ''All of the houses in La Brea have no roofs. ''

Jana: ''But what do they do when it rains??''

Wendy: ''Tarp it!''


Wendy: ''That dog of your's you keep in your automobile tells untruths. ''

Jana: ''Lying car pet''.

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