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Hey over here Arthur, it's me Delbert I'm here on the other side of the river!
- Oh yeah, how have you been, long time no see. How do I get to the other side of this river?
- Are you stupid or something? You ARE on the other side.

Arthur called the airline:
- Hello, if I take the 10:23 flight from JFK to LAX how long will it take to get there?
- One moment sir.
- Wow! That fast! Thanks, said Arthur and hung up.


Arthur was sitting in the bathtub shivering.
- G G Gertrude D d d dear.. C c call D d doctor R R Rueprecht and ask him if I really need to take these pills with cold water.

Arthur the blacksmith was telling his apprentice Delbert what to do.
- Ok, listen carefully and do as I say. I will take the iron out of the fire and place it on the anvil. You keep you eyes on my head, when I nod you hit it as hard as you can with the giant hammer. Those were Arthur's last words.

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