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MIKE: Did you hear about the owl with laryngitis?
TIM: He didn't give a hoot!.

Arthur Junior was playing with his set of trains in the living room.
Choo choo, he said, we are now arriving at Delbertville Central Station. All you %$#$%% ^%&%$# who are getting off here get the #@$# off this train so we can get to Rueprecht City on time.
Arthur's mom came rushing in from the kitchen. ARTHUR! WE DON'T USE WORDS LIKE THAT IN THIS HOUSE! Wash your mouth with soap and go up to your room for one hour.
After the one hour sentence was up Arthur Junior came back downstairs and started playing again.
-Choo choo all aboard, he said. we would like to welcome all passengers to the Rueprecht City Express, we hope you will al have a wonderful journey with us today. If anyone is unhappy with the one hour delay please take it up with the fat bitch in the kitchen.


Arthur! Check it out! My pet fish is playing the piano!
-Delbert my friend, that's incredible! What's he playing?
-Scales .

Hey Arthur, Why did the garbage look sad?
- Why Delbert?
- Because it was down in the dumps. .

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