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Why was the cow driving the car?

Because it was a STEER!!!
How can you tell if an elephant has been in your refrigerator?

Because there are footprints in the Jello!
What's the difference between an Elephant and peanut butter?

An elephant doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth!.

Mr. Snail purchased a brand new Rolls Royce coupe. The salesman asked Mr. Snail, ''Will there would be anything else, Sir?''

''Yes,'' replied Mr. Snail,''Would please paint a big letter 'S' on each front door. ''

''But why, Mr. Snail?'' asked the puzzled salesman..

''So that when I drive around town all the people will point at me'', replied Mr. Snail,''and say 'Look at that ESCARGOT!!' ''.


Grandpa was down at the campfire telling tales to his grandkids.....

Well, back when I was a lad I decided to go to sea and signed on aboard the ''RMS Titanic''. I was assigned to the Stewards Department and they placed me in charge of the soda fountain as Soda Jerk First Class. It was my duty to serve the passengers any sort treat they desired. Everything was going well until the fateful night of April 14th, 1912 when the ''Titanic'' struck an iceberg and began to sink....

Well, sadly, there were only lifeboats for 2/3 of people on board and with the law of the sea ''Women and children first!'' the last lifeboat was soon filled and departed. Captain E. J. Smith stepped out onto the bridge wing and gave his last command, ''Be British!''.. Things were looking grim and that's when your Grandpa sprang into action!

I went to the store room of the soda fountain and grabbed all the wooden cases marked ''Hires'',''Dad's'', and ''A&W'' and then carried them out on deck. I then went to the freezer and fetched all the 5 gallon tubs of vanilla ice cream I could haul. I grabbed some rope that was lying around and then lashed all of these items together. Soon, the freezing waters of North Atlantic covered the deck as the ''Titanic'' sank. I hopped aboard my creation and drifted of into the night...

''Gosh Grandpa'', asked the grandkids, ''Did you build your own life raft?''

''Sort of'', chuckled Grandpa,''but actually it was a Root Beer Float!''.

Grandpa was telling tales down at the campfire to his grandkids.

''Well one time when I was just a lad I was walking home late one night. The full moon was peeking out from the clouds and air was chilly and I was in a hurry to get home. I decided to take a short cut that led right through the middle of the graveyard... As I passed an open grave suddenly a casket levitated out of the hole. I was scared and began to run as fast as I could home. But that casket began following me just floating along in mid air!.. Try as I might I could not out run it and it followed along with every twist and turn I made. At last I reached my house and ran inside. This floating box of the dead just barreled through the front door and was inside the house. I ran to to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet above the sink and grabbed a bottle that I knew that was kept there. I turned and faced this possessed casket and showed it the bottle that I held in my out stretched hand. The casket then dropped to ground and broke into thousands of dusty splinters..... ''

''What the heck was in that bottle?'' the grandkids asked.

''Why it was Robitussin!'' chuckled Grandpa,''Because it stops the COFFIN!''.

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