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Willy: ''What do fishermen do when they run out of cigarettes?''

Billy: ''Smoke salmon!''

========= ===

Willy: ''Why did the baby oyster put on a sweater?''

Billy; ''Because he was a little clammy!''

========= ==

Willy: ''How did the clam digger get hurt?''

Billy: ''He pulled a mussel by mistake!''.

Something fishy..................

Willy: ''When do fishermen sing poorly?''

Billy: ''When their out of Tuna!''

========= =====

Willy: ''What did the salmon say when swam into a concrete wall?''

Billy: ''Dam!''

========= =====

Willy: ''Why are fish so smart?''

Billy: ''Because they always swim in schools!''

========= =====

Willy: ''Why are seals average students?''

Billy: ''Because they are C lions!''

========= =====

Willy: ''How do fish commute to work?''

Billy ''In a Carp Pool!''

========= =====

Billy: ''How does the book ''Moby Dick'' finish for Captain Ahab?''

Willy: ''It doesn't end whale for him!''.


Casey: ''How did you learn how to drive this locomotive?''

Joan: ''There was a lot of training!''

========= ====

Casey: ''Did you need a to have a big brain to learn how to drive the locomotive?''

Joan: ''Not really, just a one track mind will do!''.

Zeb: ''What did the Old Prospector say when his partner died and he inherited his half of their gold claim?''

Jeb: ''Mine, all mine!''

========= ====

Zeb: ''What happened to the perfume maker when he lost his mind?''

Jeb: ''He stopped making scents!''
========= ====

Zeb: ''What did the Psychiatrist say to his patient who came to his office covered from head to toe in Saran Wrap?''

Jeb: ''I can clearly see your nuts!''.

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