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Richard: ''Wow!, look at all those iron workers slaving away up there on top of that new skyscraper! You would have to crazy in the head to work at those heights!''

Pat: ''Well, you know what they say.... 'Too many kooks toil aloft!'''.

Felix: ''When I visited Holland I refused to wear their traditional footwear!''

Cathy: ''Why wooden shoe?''

========= ====

Felix: ''Why is a Sam the Shoemaker like a doctor?''

Cathy: ''He does a lot of heeling!''

========= ====

Felix: ''Why did you take your broken computer to Sam the Shoemaker?''

Cathy: ''I thought he could reboot it!''

========= ====

Felix: ''What is Sam the Shoemaker's favorite dessert?''

Cathy: ''Cobbler!''

========= ====

Felix: ''What kind of shoes make the best sandwiches!''

Cathy: ''Loafers!''

========= ====

Felix: ''What are the best shoe to wear on a leaky boat?''

Cathy: ''Pumps!''

========= ====

Felix: ''What kind of footwear do jockeys wear?''

Cathy: ''Horse shoes?''

Felix: ''Wrong! They wear saddle shoes!''.


Scientist #1: ''Here is the stop watch data on the experimental shoes for the male track team's multiple attempts to break the school speed record. ''

Scientist #2: ''You mean to tell me, 'These are the tries to time men's soles!'''

========= ===

George: ''I just lost my wooden shoe in the bathroom!''

Michael: ''What happened?''

George: ''It clogged the toilet!''

========= ===

George: ''What did one shoe say to the other shoe?''

Michael: ''Hi Heel!''.

Some tired jokes......

Phil: ''Why couldn't the bicycle stand up?''

Bill: ''Because it two/too tired!''

========= =====

Phil: ''I heard you did not make it home last night because there was air in only one of your car's wheels. ''

Bill: ''Well, you know what they say,.. 'Flat tire three will get you no where!'''

========= =====

Phil: ''Why was the service station closed?''

Bill: ''The owner had retired for the night!''

========= =====

Phil: ''Why should you go to the bowling alley if you have a flat tire and the service station is closed?''

Bill: ''It's the only other place in town where you can pick up a spare!''.

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