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Jim: ''Why was the mushroom always invited to the party?''

Alec: ''Because he was a fungi!'' (fun guy).

Edmund: ''How did mountaineer hurt his partner's feelings?''

Tenzing: ''It was summit he said!''.


Paul: ''What do you need to fix a flat tire on a logging truck?''

Babe: ''A Lumber Jack!''


Paul: ''Do you know how to tie down the logs on your truck?''

Babe: ''I'm knot sure!''


Paul: ''Where do truckers sleep?''

Babe: ''On a flat bed!''


Paul: ''That was nice of that lady trucker to deliver our oil!''

Babe: ''I'll be sure to tanker!''


Paul: ''Why did the trucker flunk driving school?''

Babe: ''He couldn't make the grade when tried the pass!''

Paul: ''He looked kind of shifty anyhow!


Paul: ''What do truck drivers eat in the morning?''

Babe: ''A clutch of eggs fried in an oil pan for brake fast!''.

Linda: ''Where did the tortoise work?''

John: ''At the Shell Station!''


Linda: ''Why can't a nose be 12 inches long?''

John: ''Because then it would be a foot!''.

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