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Rex: ''How did the penitentiary guards feel when they located the missing prisoner?''

Tex: ''Confounded!''.

Rex: ''My dog has no nose!''

Tex: ''How does he smell?''

Rex: ''Terrible!''.


Policeman: ''Gosh Sarge, you've had a busy morning nabbing all those crooks! Will you taking it easy the rest of the day sitting behind your desk?''

Sergeant: ''Yeah! So what? I'm A RESTING OFFICE CHAIR!''.

Down at the labatory Doctor Johnson created a near perfect copy of himself using genetic material. However his creation had a flaw. It a had very filthy mouth. All day long this copy would cuss and swear so much that it would make a sailor blush. Doctor Johnson grew tired of all the foul language and vowed to somehow get rid it. One day the copy walked past an open window and the Doctor shoved it through. The copy fell 100 feet and landed on the sidewalk with a thump and was dead. The police were summoned .
''I'm placing you under arrest!''declared Officer O'Malley.
''What's the charge?'' Inquired Doctor Johnson.
''Making an obscene clone fall!''replied the Officer O'Malley.

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