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Lionel: ''I heard you purchased a second pet seabird. ''

Richie: ''Yes, he is such a pleasure to own. I got him a Gull friend because one good Tern deserves another!.

Lionel: ''What is the most evil number?''

Richie: ''I'll say 10!''

========= ========= =======

Lionel: ''How did the lobbyist end up in heaven?''

Richie: ''Oh, he knew how to work all the angels!''

========= ========= =======

Lionel: ''What's the mathematician's favorite dessert?''

Richie: ''Angle Food Cake!''

+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++

Lionel: ''Why did you throw a rock at every seabird?''

Richie: ''I like to leave no tern un-stoned!''

+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++

Lionel: ''That old shirt of yours is wearing out!''

Richie: ''I know, it's just a tatter of mine!''

========= ========= =========

Lionel: ''Did you get a job at the cemetery?''

Richie: ''Yes, it's a grave situation!''

Lionel: ''What happened to the digger your replacing?''

Richie: ''He got in over his head!''

Lionel: ''Are you very busy?''

Richie: ''Customers are just dying to get in!''

Lionel: ''Can customers pay by check?''

Richie: ''Cash only, the boss doesn't want to get stiffed by a deadbeat!''

========= ========= ========= =

Lionel: ''Where do you drive your smart car on the freeway!''

Richie: ''In the computer lane!''

+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++

Lionel: ''Is that a cattle car your driving?''

Richie: ''Yes, It's a hereFORD I like to STEER!''

========= ========= =========

Lionel: ''I heard your friend got hit by a minivan when you were out walking together. ''

Richie: ''My mistake, really. I yelled out 'CHRYSLER!' instead of 'DODGE!' ''.


Shirley: ''Whenever my children misbehave I tie them up with rope. ''

Laverne: ''Sounds like you have very knotty kids!''.

Pete: ''Why did they arrest the cabinet maker who was installing the new teller stations at the bank?''

John: ''Because he was a counterfeiter''.

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