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Zeb: ''What did the Old Prospector say when his partner died and he inherited his half of their gold claim?''

Jeb: ''Mine, all mine!''


Zeb: ''What happened to the perfume maker when he lost his mind?''

Jeb: ''He stopped making scents!''

Zeb: ''What did the Psychiatrist say to his patient who came to his office covered from head to toe in Saran Wrap?''

Jeb: ''I can clearly see your nuts!''.

Snakes on a Page......

Paul; ''Why did they stop the baseball game when it began to rain snakes from the sky?''

Saul: ''It was Anaconda weather!''


Paul: ''What kind of snake goes best with ice cream on a plate?''

Saul: ''Python the side!''


Daddy Snake: ''Is it a girl?''

Doctor: ''Congratulations! It's a Boa!''


Paul: ''What did you get the baby snake for a present?''

Saul: ''A rattler!''


Paul: ''What two kind of snakes can you find in the bathroom?''

Saul: ''Asp, Viper!''


Paul: ''What kind snakes did lady find in her underthings drawer?''

Saul: ''A pair of Garters and CoBRA!''.


Tim: ''What did the salt say to the pepper?''

Jim: ''Season's Greetings''


Tim: ''Why does Santa come down the chimney?''

Jim: ''Because it soots him!''


Tim: ''Why is a cat on the beach like Christmas?''

Jim: ''Because it has sandy claws!''.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle.................

Stanley: ''I just saw a huge jungle cat outside the tent!''

Oliver: ''Lion?''

Stanley: ''Absolutely not! I always tell the truth!''

Stanley: ''How do stop a rhinoceros from charging?''

Oliver: ''Cancel it's credit card!''

Stanley: ''What would you do if you were swallowed by an elephant?''

Oliver: ''Run around in circles until you are all pooped out!''

Stanley: ''Why doesn't Tarzan play poker with his chimpanzee friend?''

Oliver; ''Because he doesn't want to play cards with a Cheetah!''.

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