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The Lame Name Game......

Tim: ''Who's that hiding in the bushes?''

Tom: ''Russell!''


Tim: ''Who helped you with your flat tire?''

Tom: ''Jack!''


Tim ''I'm out of gas, is anyone going to help me?''

Tom: ''Jerry Can!''


Tim: ''Who work's at the gas station?''

Tom: ''Phil!''


Tim: ''Who do I pay?''

Tom: ''Bill!''


Tim: ''Who's that hanging around the painter's studio?''

Tom: ''Art!''


Tim: ''Who's in the bathroom?''

Tom: ''John!''


Tim: ''Who's first up in the morning?''

Tom: ''Don!''


Tim: ''Who'll say the blessing for supper?''

Tom: ''Grace!''


Tim: ''Who'll water the garden?''

Tom: ''Jose!''


Tim: ''Who''ll turn on the faucet?''

Tom: ''Flo!''


Tim: ''Who puts away the chickens every night?''

Tom ''Cooper!''


Tim: ''Who works at the casino?''

Tom: ''Bette!''


Peter: ''Who own's that stray giant duck?''

Paul: ''That's anyone's goose!''


Peter: ''Did Donald Duck die of natural causes?''

Paul: ''The Police suspect fowl play!''


Peter: ''How's your new job at the pillow factory?''

Paul: ''It's a really getting me down!''.


Son: ''Dad, I've decided that I'm going to quit school and become a chimney sweep!''

Dad: ''Soot yourself then!''


Son: ''What's Smokey the Bear's middle name?''

Dad: ''The!''.

A teacher of Eastern Meditation died unexpectedly and an autopsy was preformed at the County Morgue. The Medical Examiner said to his assistant,''This particular internal organ appears to have wasted away. It should be heavier. Place it on the scale please. ''
The assistant did as directed and then Medical Examiner asked him for the results.
''You are correct Doctor!,''replied the assistant,''Weight down on the Swami's liver!''.

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