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Fred: ''Why did the auto mechanic go to the chiropractor?''

Ted: ''Because he wrenched his back!''.

Trixie: ''Gosh! I think my new fashion jeans fit me great!''

Petey: ''I dungaree!''.


Jerry: ''How's are things with your new girl friend Marsha?''

Jake: ''Our relationship has really bogged down!''


Jerry: ''I heard your new girlfriend Shirley is really fit and healthy. ''

Jake: ''Oh yeah! She treats her body like a temple!''


Jerry: ''How your new girl friend Alice?''

Jake: ''Very crabby!''.

Ted: ''I heard you broke up with your girlfriend Chiquita. ''

Josh: ''Yeah that's right, she was bananas, so we split up!''


Ted: ''I heard you broke up with your girlfriend Rose. ''

Josh: ''I don't want to talk about it. It's still a thorny issue!''


Tod: ''Did you here about the thief arrested for buying gold leaf with a bad credit card?''

Ted: ''Let me guess! He was found gilded as charged!''


Tod: ''Hey, what's the name of your uncle's daughter?''

Ted: ''Oh, we call her Denice !''.

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