Space Jokes

Neil: ''What do astronauts clean their capsule with?''

Buzz: ''The Vacuum of Space!''

+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++

Neil: ''Where do astronauts bathe?''

Buzz: ''In meteor showers!''

+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ ++++

Buzz; ''If athletes get Athlete's Foot, what do astronauts get?''

Neil: ''Missile Toe!''

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Buzz: ''In our next space mission, NASA has us landing on the surface of the Sun!''

Neil: ''Gosh! We will be burned to a crisp!''

Buzz: ''No worries! We going to land at night!''

========= =========

Neil: ''Where do astronauts keep their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when they blast off?''

Buzz: ''In a Launch Box!''

+++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +++++++ +

Buzz: ''What medicine did the astronaut take for a headache?

Neil: ''A Space Capsule!''

========= ========= ======

Buzz: ''Laika was the name of the first Russian dog sent into space. What was the name of the first American dog sent into space?''

Neil: ''Lunar Rover!''.

Arthur and Delbert were preparing for a manned mission to the sun when Douglas came strolling by.
- Isnít it too hot for people to land on the sun? Asked Douglas.
- Oh Douglas, come on we're no dummies, we will be landing at night of course.


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