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Sean: ''What's brown and sounds like a bell?''

Shawn: ''Dunnnggggg!''

========= ========

She came in from the garden with a basket of flowers as I was playing the Wurlitzer... I said.. ''Put the roses on the table your tulips on my organ''....

Jake: ''What happened when the carpenter was confused by his power tool and started angrily yelling?''

Jerry: ''Oh I know! He was Jigsaw Puzzled and used Crosswords!''.


Ray: ''What do call an unsuccessful Veterinarian?''

Jay: '' A Butcher!''.

Librarian #1: ''I was so busy today handling all these old editions I didn't notice that the dust and grime had dirtied the fabric of my dress!''

Librarian #2: ''Well, you what they say.... ''Too many books soil the cloth!''

+++++++ +++++

Shirley: ''I wore a bikini on my beach vacation but so many people were staring and ogling at my breasts it made uneasy. I even wore different tops several times but it kept on happening. I don't think I can enjoy wearing a two piece bathing suit ever again!''

Laverne: ''Well, you know what they say... ''Too many looks spoil the bras!''.

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