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A drunk staggers into the bar.... And asks the bartender..

''Hey Bartender, Do you have six foot penguins in this part of the country?''

''NO sir, we most certainly do not!'' replies the Bartender

''Oh my gosh!'' says the drunk,''I think I just ran over a nun!''.

A man goes to his doctor and says....
''Hey Doc, I have this problem with my ears. Day and night I keep hearing Tom Jones music in my head. Tell me, is this a rare condition?''
The doctor replies....
''It's Not Unusual.''.


In the Wild West a dog with a bandage on it's foot walks into a bustling saloon. A hush falls over the crowd. The dog says......
''I'm looking for the man who shot my Pa!''.

In deepest, darkest Equatorial Africa... Along the jungle lined banks of the Limpopo River... The heat is steamy and sweltering... Thick vines and foliage choke the water's edge.. The high pitch whining of insects and the chattering of birds fill the fetid air with sound.... In the tepid and muddy water are two hippos... Their bloated bodies submerged.. Their snouts just above surface.. One hippo turns to the other and says......
''I can't believe it's only Tuesday.''.

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