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Murray's best friend was getting married and chose him to be the Best Man. It was big wedding and almost the whole town attended.. At the fancy reception, Murray stood up next to the bride and groom and raised his champagne glass to make the traditional wedding toast.. Before he could utter a word Murray loudly farted.. The crowd broke into uproarious and prolonged laughter.. Murray was so embarrassed he immediately departed the reception and left town....
Some thirty years had passed and by coincidence a business trip had taken Murray back to his home town... In the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel Murray could not help noticing all the many changes in his town... They drove past a library Murray had never seen before...

Murray asked the driver,''Hey Driver, when did they build that library?''

The Driver answered, ''Oh, the library? That was built in 1999, exactly 12 years after Murray's fart.''.

A drunk staggers into the bar.... And asks the bartender..

''Hey Bartender, Do you have six foot penguins in this part of the country?''

''NO sir, we most certainly do not!'' replies the Bartender

''Oh my gosh!'' says the drunk,''I think I just ran over a nun!''.


A man goes to his doctor and says....
''Hey Doc, I have this problem with my ears. Day and night I keep hearing Tom Jones music in my head. Tell me, is this a rare condition?''
The doctor replies....
''It's Not Unusual.''.

In the Wild West a dog with a bandage on it's foot walks into a bustling saloon. A hush falls over the crowd. The dog says......
''I'm looking for the man who shot my Pa!''.

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