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Tim: ''I took my dog to the Flea Circus. ''

Jim: ''How was it?''

Tim: ''He stole the show!''.

Chester: ''Back when I was a kid my Dad had a hard time putting food on the table for his family. ''

Lester: ''Gosh! Was your family poor?''

Chester: ''Not really, Dad was just a short fellow!''.


Shilo: ''What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic?''

Milo: ''Halfway!''.

Sonny: ''I've decided to become a sausage maker. ''

Poppa: ''That's the wurst thing you could do for a living!''


Sonny: ''I got a job at the bagel factory!''

Poppa: ''Doe it keep you busy?''

Sonny: ''There's just a little loafing a round!''


Poppa: ''There was a horrible accident at eyeglass factory!''

Sonny: ''What happened?''

Poppa: ''A worker fell into the machinery and made a spectacle of himself!''

Sonny: ''What day does the parade start?''

Poppa: ''March 4th


Sonny: ''Knock! Knock!''

Poppa: ''Who's there?''

Sonny: ''Hairdo!''

Poppa: ''Hairdo who?''

Sonny: ''Hairdo you want these packages dropped off?''


Poppa: ''How did he State Prison beekeepers escape?''

Sonny: ''I don't know, tell me!''

Poppa: ''They broke out in hives!''.

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