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Arthur comes home to find his wife Gertrude in bed with another man. ''What are you doing'' he yells.
The wife whispers to her lover: ''I told you he was stupid!''.

Arthur was going about his days with his wife Gertrude when he noticed that she wasn't responding to him anymore when he called her. He had to get right up next to her for her to hear him. Concerned, he went to Doctor Rueprecht and asked him if it could be that his wife was going deaf. The doctor agreed it was a possibility and suggested he go home and try calling her from different distances to see how bad it actually was. So Arthur went home and while his wife was making dinner, he called to her from the living room - ''Gertrude, what are we having for dinner?'' No answer. He stepped a few feet closer and called again - ''Gertrude! What are we having for dinner?'' Again, no answer. He was getting worried. He walked to the kitchen door and again asked, ''Gertrude! What are we having for dinner?!'' Again! No answer. Upset and nervous, Arthur stepped up right next to her and again posed the question - ''Gertrude, what are we having for dinner?'' She turned around and said, ''For the LAST TIME - MEATLOAF!!'' .


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