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Arthur had a new job on a cruise ship as an onboard magician, he had a nightly magic show to entertain the guests. At every show there was this clever but annoying kid in the audience who kept exposing the tricks. He would say things like ''the card's in his sleeve'', or ''the handkerchief is under the table cloth''. This made Arthur very angry but he put up with it since he wanted to keep his job on the ship.
One evening during the magic show the boat hit an uncharted underwater cliff and sank. Everyone on board drowned except Arthur and the annoying kid who both managed to climb up on an upside-down table from the ship that was floating around in the water.
They sat on the table for day and night, the kid didn't say a word, he just sat there quietly. Arthur didn't mind the silence at all. After 5 days the kid finally spoke.
- Alright alright, I give up, where did you hide the boat?.


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