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Nancy: ''Knock! Knock!
Sid: ''Who's there?''
Nancy: ''Cantaloupe. ''
Sid: ''Cantaloupe Who?''
Nancy: ''Cantaloupe with you because I want big church wedding!''.

Tom: ''Knock! Knock!''

Tim: ''Who's there?''

Tom: ''That's right, but you can call me my first name, Howard!''.


Ed: ''Knock! Knock!''

Ted: ''Who's there?''

Ed: ''Howard!''

Ted: ''Howard who?''

Ed; ''Just fine thanks, and how's yourself?''.

Daisy: ''Knock! Knock!''

Maisy: ''Who's there?''

Daisy: ''Ethan!''

Maisy: ''Ethan who?''

Daisy: ''Have you Ethan dinner yet?''.

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