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Bonnie: ''Knock! Knock!''

Clyde: ''Who's there?''

Bonnie: ''Hip! Hip!''

Clyde: ''Hip! Hip! Who?''

Bonnie: ''Hip! Hip! Who! Ray!''.

Hank: ''Knock! Knock!''

Frank: ''Who's there?''

Hank: ''Moose Bee!''

Frank: ''Moose Bee who?''

Hank: ''This Moose Bee the the worst Knock Knock joke ever!''.


Bill: ''Knock! Knock!''

Phil: ''Who's there?''

Bill: ''Olive!''

Phil: ''Olive who?''

Bill: ''Olive here too! So let me in!''.

Sean: ''Knock! Knock!''

Shawn: ''Who's there?''

Sean: ''Police Detective Alex!''

Shawn: ''Police Detective Alex who?''

Sean: ''HEY! I'm the Police Detective, Alex the questions!''.

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