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Dave: ''Knock! Knock!''

Chet: ''Who's there?''

Dave: ''Whiskey!''

Chet: ''Whiskey who?''

Dave: ''Tell me whiskey fits this door so I don't have to go Knock! Knock! No more!''.

Glen: ''Knock! Knock!''

Dale: ''Who's there?''

Glen: ''Sister!''

Dale: ''Sister who?''

Glen: ''Sister house that ordered the pizza?''.


Jerry: ''Knock! Knock!''

Dean: ''Who's there?''

Jerry: ''Arthur!''

Dean: ''Arthur who?''

Jerry: ''Arthur any more cookies?''.

Nancy: ''Knock! Knock!''

Sid: ''Who's there?''

Nancy: ''Lettuce!''

Sid: ''Lettuce who?''

Nancy: ''Lettuce in!, It's cold out here!''.

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