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Albert: ''Knock! Knock!''

Enrico: ''Who's there?''

Albert: ''Idaho Turnip!''

Enrico: ''Idaho Turnip who?''

Albert: ''Idaho a clue where I am! Must have made a wrong Turnip your street!''.

Mutt: ''Knock! Knock!''

Jeff: ''Who's there?''

Mutt: ''Will!''

Jeff: ''Will who?''

Mutt: ''Will you for Heaven's sake open this door!''.


Chet: ''Knock! Knock!''

David: ''Who's there?''

Chet: ''Intestine!''

David: ''Intestine who?''

Chet: ''I have Intestine minutes! Can you give a ride to school?''.

Fred: ''Knock! Knock!''

Ethel: ''Who's there?''

Fred: ''Baby Otter!''

Ethel: ''Baby Otter who?''

Fred: ''Baby otter have it's diapers changed, their starting to stink!''


Fred: ''Knock! Knock!''

Ethel: ''Who's there?''

Fred: ''Asparagus!''

Ethel: ''Asparagus who?''

Fred: ''Can you Asparagus? My car's tank is almost empty!''


Ethel: ''Is vegetable farming a lucrative career?''

Fred: ''You can make a decent celery!''.

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