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Hey Delbert, how many idiots does it take to wash a car?
- Don't know Arthur, how many?
- Two, one holding the sponge and one driving the car back and forth.

Hey Delbert, I've got an idea that'll make us rich, we're gonna forge ten dollar bills?
How are we going to do that Arthur?
- You take a hundred dollar bill and put whiteout over the second zero, see you can't tell the difference.


Why on earth did you shave your neck Arthur?
-Oops, must have put my shirt on backwards.

Arthur and Delbert were preparing for a manned mission to the sun when Douglas came strolling by.
- Isnít it too hot for people to land on the sun? Asked Douglas.
- Oh Douglas, come on we're no dummies, we will be landing at night of course.

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