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Arthur and Delbert went to see a ventriloquist show. The show was very funny and consisted mainly of Arthur and Delbert jokes, one funnier than the other. At first Arthur and Delbert didn't mind but the longer the show went on the angrier they got. Finally Arthur couldnít take it any more and stood up and said in a loud voice.
- Enough already, these jokes are very offensive and Delbert and I demand an apology.
The ventriloquist felt ashamed of his insulting jokes and said, - I do apologize from the bottom of my heart, I didn't want to offend anyone. From now on I will not use Arthur and Delbert jokes in my show.
- I'm not talking to you, said Arthur. I'm talking to that little bastard sitting on your lap.

Arthur the blacksmith was telling his apprentice Delbert what to do.
- Ok, listen carefully and do as I say. I will take the iron out of the fire and place it on the anvil. You keep you eyes on my head, when I nod you hit it as hard as you can with the giant hammer. Those were Arthur's last words.


Monday morning Arthur started his new job as a lumberjack and his boss was instructing him.
- With this chainsaw you can cut down 50 trees a day.
On Friday afternoon his boss went over to him to see how many trees he had cut down in his first week.
- Well sir, five so far but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
- Five!!, what the hell is wrong with you? the boss yelled and picked up the chainsaw to show him how to cut down a tree.
He started the saw and Arthur jumped up in the air.
- Aaahhh! What is that noise?.

How did Arthur get killed ironing curtains ?
- He fell out of the window.

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