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Arthur the blacksmith was telling his apprentice Delbert what to do.
- Ok, listen carefully and do as I say. I will take the iron out of the fire and place it on the anvil. You keep you eyes on my head, when I nod you hit it as hard as you can with the giant hammer. Those were Arthur's last words.

Monday morning Arthur started his new job as a lumberjack and his boss was instructing him.
- With this chainsaw you can cut down 50 trees a day.
On Friday afternoon his boss went over to him to see how many trees he had cut down in his first week.
- Well sir, five so far but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
- Five!!, what the hell is wrong with you? the boss yelled and picked up the chainsaw to show him how to cut down a tree.
He started the saw and Arthur jumped up in the air.
- Aaahhh! What is that noise?.


How did Arthur get killed ironing curtains ?
- He fell out of the window.

Arthur and Delbert were watching a movie.
- Hey, I bet you 10 bucks the hero kills all the bad guys and gets the girl.
- You're on, said Delbert.
The hero killed all the bad guys and got the girl in the end so Delbert owed Arthur 10 bucks.
- Naah, man, keep the money, I feel bad. I've seen the movie before so I knew how it would end.
- Yeah I've seen it too but I didn't think it would end the same way twice.

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