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I don't get it Arthur. The first day you painted 100 feet of fence, the second day 30 feet and today only 10 feet. What's wrong?
- Well boss, I have to walk further and further to the paint bucket every day.

How did Arthur die from drinking milk?
- The cow sat down.


Arthur was blind, Delbert was deaf, Douglas was in a wheel-chair and they were out for a walk in the woods and came to a mysterious looking cave. There was a sign that said ''Enter this cave and a single wish of yours will come true''.
Arthur went in first, he came out ecstatic.
- I can see, I can see, hooray!
Delbert went in.
- I can hear, I can hear, he exclaimed happily.
- Douglas went next. After a while he came out and said
- Look guys, new wheels!.

Hey Arthur, I got a phone call from Douglas yesterday.
- Wow, Douglas, I haven't heard from him in decades. So he's still alive.
- I donít know, he didn't say anything about that.

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