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How did Arthur die from drinking milk?
- The cow sat down.

Arthur was blind, Delbert was deaf, Douglas was in a wheel-chair and they were out for a walk in the woods and came to a mysterious looking cave. There was a sign that said ''Enter this cave and a single wish of yours will come true''.
Arthur went in first, he came out ecstatic.
- I can see, I can see, hooray!
Delbert went in.
- I can hear, I can hear, he exclaimed happily.
- Douglas went next. After a while he came out and said
- Look guys, new wheels!.


Hey Arthur, I got a phone call from Douglas yesterday.
- Wow, Douglas, I haven't heard from him in decades. So he's still alive.
- I donít know, he didn't say anything about that.

Arthur and Delbert went to see a ventriloquist show. The show was very funny and consisted mainly of Arthur and Delbert jokes, one funnier than the other. At first Arthur and Delbert didn't mind but the longer the show went on the angrier they got. Finally Arthur couldnít take it any more and stood up and said in a loud voice.
- Enough already, these jokes are very offensive and Delbert and I demand an apology.
The ventriloquist felt ashamed of his insulting jokes and said, - I do apologize from the bottom of my heart, I didn't want to offend anyone. From now on I will not use Arthur and Delbert jokes in my show.
- I'm not talking to you, said Arthur. I'm talking to that little bastard sitting on your lap.

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