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Arthur called the airline:
- Hello, if I take the 10:23 flight from JFK to LAX how long will it take to get there?
- One moment sir.
- Wow! That fast! Thanks, said Arthur and hung up.

Arthur, why do you always walk around with your hands in your pockets?
- Well Delbert, uhm, it's kinda embarrassing but ok, I'll tell you. My fingers are different length and I have a complex about that.


Arthur and Delbert were walking through the woods on a dark night and got to a creek.
- How do we cross Delbert?
- Simple Arthur, I turn on my flashlight and you walk on the light beam to the other side.
- You think I'm stupid or something? When I'm halfway you'll turn off your flashlight so I fall in.

I don't get it Arthur. The first day you painted 100 feet of fence, the second day 30 feet and today only 10 feet. What's wrong?
- Well boss, I have to walk further and further to the paint bucket every day.

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