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Bruce: ''Excuse me sir, but did you know that you have a banana in both of your ears?''

Lee: ''I'm sorry, I can't understand what your saying because I have a banana in both of my ears!''.

Delbert and Arthur were performing a strange ritual in the city park. Delbert was digging small holes in the ground with a spade, and Arthur was walking behind him filling the holes with a spade.
- What exacly are you guys doing? Asked a man who was passing by.
- We're planting flowers, said Arthur, usually Douglas is here too, but he's ill today, he's the one that puts the seed in the ground.


Arthur was down by the docks throwing bricks into the water. Every time he threw a brick he would look down into the water and curse. He did this for a very long time until Delbert came up to him.
- What are you doing? Asked Delbert.
- No matter how many times I throw one of these rectangular bricks into the water I keep getting circles.

Wow, thanks for taking me on this helicopter ride Delbert, this is my first time in a helicopter you know. What's that big thing spinning on top of our heads anyway?
- That's the air conditioner Arthur. Last time I went it stopped and the pilot started sweating like a pig.

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