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Arthur, why did it take so long to clean the basement windows?
- I had to bury the ladder Gertrude.

Arthur and Delbert had bought a 9 foot tall truck. The two novice truckers in their 9 foot high truck came to a tunnel with a sign that said ''8 foot maximum height''.
-See any cops around? asked Arthur.
-Nope, said Delbert.
-OK, let's go for it!.


Three idiots were out for a walk and saw some mysterious tracks on the ground.
- I think it's a deer, said Arthur
- No, said Delbert, it's definitely a mountain lion.
Douglas was just about to say something when they all got hit by the train.

Gertrude went hunting and accidentally shot a man. She rushed him to Doctor Rueprecht and explained to him what had happened.
- He kept screaming ''I'm a deer, I'm a deer'' but I guess he was screaming ''I'm not a deer. I just got caught up in the excitement I guess and shot him thinking he was a deer. Tell me Doctor, is he going to make it?
- Well, said the doctor, his chances would have been better if you wouldn't have skinned him.

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