Hunting Jokes

Arthur and Delbert were out in the woods hunting. Suddenly Arthur got some sort of seizure, started shaking and fell lifeless to the ground. Delbert didn't know what to do, he called 911 at once.
- Please help! My friend is dead I think, he looks dead but I'm not sure, what do I do?
- Ok sir, first of all make sure he's really dead.
- Ok, just a moment . . BANG ! (a gun is fired) . . Ok, he's dead for sure, now what?.

Gertrude went hunting and accidentally shot a man. She rushed him to Doctor Rueprecht and explained to him what had happened.
- He kept screaming ''I'm a deer, I'm a deer'' but I guess he was screaming ''I'm not a deer. I just got caught up in the excitement I guess and shot him thinking he was a deer. Tell me Doctor, is he going to make it?
- Well, said the doctor, his chances would have been better if you wouldn't have skinned him.


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