Farm Jokes

Delbert the farm worker went to pick up Arthur the farmer at the airport.
- Did anything unusual happen while I was gone Delbert?
- No, Arthur, nothing unusual.
- What's that in the back of the truck?
- The burned pigs.
- Burned pigs?
- Yes the barn burned down Arthur.
- The barn burned down?
- Yes, it was ignited by the burning house.
- The house burned down too?
- Yes, one of the candles fell over.
- Candles? What candles?
- The ones by your wife's coffin.
- My wife's coffin? Gertrude died!!?
- Yes, Gertrude fell off the roof.
- What was she doing on the roof?
- She was drunk.
- Well, that's nothing unusual.
- Right Arthur like I said, nothing unusual happened. .


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