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The mood was depressed at the brewery. Arthur, one of the most senior workers had drowned in the big beer tank.
- Did he suffer much? Asked his widow Gertrude sobbing.
- I donít think so mam. He climbed out three times to go to the bathroom before he died.

A car had crashed into a tree and Arthur and Delbert were found drunk at the scene, they were arrested at the crash site by the police. Later in court the judge asked:
- Which one of you two were driving the car?
-Your honor, we were both in the back seat singing.


Arthur came home from work. He was too tired so he went straight to bed. He saw that his wife was sound asleep, so he tried to be very quiet. He tucked himself in next to her. He looked at the end of the bed; he saw some feet sticking out from under the blanket, so he started counting them. 1..2..3..4..5..6. ''Oh. no something's wrong. There are two of us, so there should be four feet'', he told himself quietly, not wanting to wake his wife up. He stood up and walked to the end of the bed and started counting again. 1...2...3...4. Okay! There you go! He then went back to bed.

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