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You know Arthur, said Doctor Rueprecht, you really should quit drinking, it'll make your life longer.
- Yes Doctor, said Arthur, you're absolutely right. Yesterday I didn't have a drink all day and it was the longest day of my life.

Arthur was seriously sleep deprived and went to see Doctor Rueprecht about it.
- Arthur, take two of these pills before bedtime tonight and you'll sleep like a baby, said Dr. Rueprecht.
Arthur took the pills at bedtime and did sleep like a baby. He woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. He arrived at work singing.
You look great Arthur, said his boss. But where have you been all week?.


Do you smoke Arthur? Asked Doctor Rueprecht.
- No.
- That's too bad, it would have done you good to quit.

Arthur was waiting for his turn in the psychologists waiting room.
- Next! Said the psychologist loudly from his office as a patient walked out his door.
Arthur went into the psychologists office and said:
- Nobody ever notices me, it's like I'm not even there. It all started in my childhood when....
- NEXT!, said the psychologist again.

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