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Arthur and his wife Gertrude was out for a romantic walk.
- Watch out Gertrude, dog poop, donít step in it.
- Nah, that doesnít look like dog poop. But I wonder what it could be. I'm curious, could you smell it dear and tell me what it is.
- Hmm, smells like dog poop to me.
- I'm not convinced dear, could you please touch it.
- Ok dear, for you anything. ... Well it does feel like dog poop
- I'm still not quite convinced dear, could you please taste it and tell me what it is.
- No Gertrude, can we just leave this thing behind us and move on not knowing what it is please?
- No Arthur, I really want to know what that is, now take a big bit out of it and tell me what it is.
Ok, ok, for you my dear anything...
Arthur takes a bite, chews it well.
-Aaahhh!!! &*$#@#$%!!! This is disgusting !!! It's definitely dog poop, no doubt about it.
- Lucky we didn't step in it then Arthur.

Arthur! what is that awful smell? It stinks to high heaven, did you poop your pants or something?
- Donít be silly Delbert, I'm 35 years old, of course I didnít soil my pants!
- No Arthur, it's coming from your pants, you must have pooped your pants! Let me check your pants man!
- I certainly did not soil my pants, but if you must check then go ahead.
-Alright Arthur, I'll check your pants...(checking pants)....- #$%@&#% this is disgusting, your pants are full of poop, you did poop your pants man!
Yes Delbert, but that was yesterday.


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