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Noel: ''I heard Dave suffered a terrible groin injury when his bicycle seat fell off while riding. ''

Leon: ''That's awful! What's the prognosis?''

Noel: ''He's ruined for Wife!''

Leon: ''This sounds serious! Will he father any more children?''

Noel: ''No kidding and no kidding!''


Lucy: ''Are you lying to me about your vasectomy?''

Desi: ''I would never kid you!''


IUD = Love Spring Internal.

Dr. Sigmund: ''I have a patient who is an agnostic dyslexic who suffers from insomnia!''

Dr. Fred: ''Sounds awful!''

Dr. Sigmund: ''I know, he lies in bed all night long wondering if there really is a dog!''

Dr. Fred: ''Well you think that's bad, I have a patient who is a masochist into bestality and necrophilia!''

Dr. Sigmund: ''What happened?''

Dr. Fred: ''He had to give it all up because he felt like he was beating a dead horse!''.


A Scotsman, fresh off the boat from Glasgow, was out one windy evening strolling the streets of New York City. The strong breeze was blowing newspapers and leaves around through the air. Pedestrians were clutching their hats struggling against the squally winds. As the the Scotsman passed by a pretty young lady on the sidewalk a sudden gust blew her skirt above her waist up to her armpits.

The Scotsman commented,''It's very airy, isn't it Miss?''

The young lady blushed and replied,''Well what did you expect, feathers?''.

Grandma and Grandpa were laying in bed one Saturday night.......

Grandma: ''I say Pa, Have you ever cheated on me in our 50 years of marriage?''

Grandpa: ''Well Ma,....... Only just once!''

Grandma: ''Well....... We sure could use that ''Just Once'' right about now!''.

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