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Flying high in the skies above Metropolis, Superman was on patrol. Using his powerful vision he glimpsed a sight that aroused his interest. Down below in a secluded grassy meadow in the park was Wonder Woman. She was laying on her back with her skirt above her hips and no panties. Her knees were spread wide apart and her pelvis was undulating. On her face was an expression of total bliss. Superman was beside himself with lust and decided to take advantage of the situation. Not wanting to offend Wonder Woman he decided to go into Hyper-Drive and so he zoomed down and took care of business at the speed of light. He then zoomed away to go back on patrol with a self satisfied grin on his face knowing that Wonder Woman would not be any the wiser of his indiscretion.....
Meanwhile down in meadow, Wonder Woman asked her boyfriend the Invisible Man,''Gee Honey, You were doing me so great! Why the heck did you stop?''
The Invisible Man answered, ''So sorry Babe, But all of the sudden I have the most excruciating pain up my ass!''.

Laverne: How did your romantic evening with Ladd go last night?

Shirley: He was more like McDonald's than Burger King.

Laverne: How so?

Shirley: Oh, you know. I wanted a Whopper but instead he was a Quarter Pounder!.


Down at Shady Acres Rest Home the residents were all widows, save for one old man named Fred. Old Shirley was feeling frisky so she dolled herself up and approached Old Fred.

''Say Fred,'' asked Shirley, ''Would you like some super sex?''

''Soup!'' answers Old Fred.

Down at the Shady Acres Rest Home, Old Ned and next door neighbor Old Fred were sitting in rocking chairs and chatting on the front porch....

Old Ned asked, ''I don't mean to be nosy but you how thin these walls are here at the Home. Well, last last night through the wall, I could hear you and wife making such loud and vigorous love all night long. I just want to know how a man of your age can be such a great lover with such stamina?''

''Well, no secret really,'' confessed Old Fred,''Last night I couldn't find my reading glasses and accidentally grabbed the Poly-Grip instead of the K-Y!''.

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