Cop Jokes

The police pulled a car over, Arthur was sitting in the backseat.
- Arthur, you know better than to let an aardvark drive your car!
- Oh, this is not my car officer, I'm just hitch-hiking.

The police pulled Arthur's car over.
-Sir, do you mind if I go through your car?
- Not at all officer, but wouldn't it be easier to go around it.


Arthur was walking down the street with a giraffe and got stopped by a police man.
- Where do you think you're going with that wild and dangerous animal? Asked the cop.
- Oh, I'm taking him to the zoo, said Arthur.
The cop thought that was probably ok since an animal like that belongs in the zoo and decided to let Arthur take his giraffe to the zoo.
But the next day Arthur came walking down the street again with the same giraffe.
Hey what's going on? asked the cop, I thought you took that giraffe to the zoo yesterday?
- Yes I did, and today I'm taking him to the movie theater.

YOU'RE LYING ! said the police interrogator to Arthur.
- No, I swear I was out of town the last two days of February.
- That's impossible! the last two days of February do not exist.

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